Brittany Renner addresses her critics: "I’m built for this... I know my truth" (2024)


Brittany Renner addresses her critics: "I’m built for this... I know my truth" (1)

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Brittany Renner at 2023 REVOLT WORLD

Brittany Renner, better known as Bundle of Brittany on social media platforms, doesn’t care what critics say about her, as she believes they are “morons” who don’t have a life outside of the internet.

On Sept. 24, “The Jason Lee Show” was taped live with a studio audience for the first time at REVOLT WORLD. To commemorate the monumental moment, host Lee invited the unfiltered fitness guru to sit in the hot seat for the episode. Known for making headlines and putting folks in a tizzy on Beyoncé’s internet, live viewers were in for a spicy show.

During the juicy one-on-one, the amount of hypocrisy women deal with from society quickly became a topic. When discussing double standards, Lee recalled a time when he and the entrepreneur walked into a party for Cardi B and saw a former Lakers player who ghosted Renner years ago. With the help of some alcohol, she confronted the unnamed athlete about how he handled her, which the Hollywood Unlocked creator commended and admired due to the courage it took to defend herself.

“That was definitely a proud moment for me, though… because he ghosted me and that was the first time I saw him,” Renner said.

“The reason why I brought it up was because she went up to him and read him for filth in the most respectful way, and I love when I see a woman who is strong to stand up for motherf**cking self against a man with perceived power. And that’s what I respect about you, and I really feel like people don’t give you that credit,” Lee chimed in.

This eventually led “The Jason Lee Show” star to ask the fairly new mom about her perspective concerning people’s harsh words, especially during the transitions she went through after making her previous relationship with NBA player P.J. Washington public in 2021. Since then, the author gave birth to their son, ended their romance, faced postpartum depression, and endured merciless comments in the media.

Renner shared that in these times, she’s happy to have a village around her, especially her mom who has been her “rock.” “I have gone through a lot, a lot of trials these last two years. I’ve really gotten to see what I’m made of, and it’s helped having real people in my corner,” the influencer admitted.

Due in part to the six-year age gap between her and ex-boyfriend Washington, Renner faced a lot of backlash and cyberbullying. When she got pregnant, the fallout grew. The socialite feels she was criticized because of the inconsistent nature of today’s cancel culture. She also cited misery loving company and, as mentioned, double standards.

“I mean, I think there’s a lot of easy answers to cop out and just be like, ‘Everyone’s just miserable as f**k’ because I mean that’s kind of true, that’s [the] majority of the reason,” the 31-year-old said. “Overall, we live in pick and choose culture, that’s why I don’t respect it. People pick and choose who they’re mad at. And like even with the age gap, six years isn’t really that big of a deal, but when you’re a woman, it makes you, I guess, a groomer and predator you know?”

She continued, “I think for me, understanding that there are a lot of double standards and because I’m in the position I’m in, it gets hot under these lights, and there’s a lot of people that could not handle 15,000 comments under a post talking s**t about them, but I’m built for this. I know my truth. I gave my all. I give my all in everything that I do. So, in that relationship, it doesn’t matter what think pieces people wanna say, I gave my all, I told the truth, I did my best.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there because when news swirled that the “Basketball Wives” reality TV star was allegedly gunning for $200,000 per month in child support, her comment section turned into chaos. She shared a message on “The Jason Lee Show” for anyone who believed the headlines.

“Get out of your f**cking phones, go touch some grass,” Renner said full of enthusiasm as she looked into a camera dead-on. “You gotta understand this is not a real place, okay? I’m gonna show you what I want you to see… Actually, matter of fact, I’m going to show what you need to see because what y’all want to see is… Y’all want to see me playing with my p**sy on OnlyFans. I know that’s what y’all wanna see, but I’m gonna give you what you need, which is the car rants, me taking up space, me speaking up against outdated narratives.”

“So, the reason why they believe $200,000 is because they’re f**king dumb… is because people do not have a life outside of this f**king app and that’s all they know, all they know,” she added.

The Rolling Loud host declared her reality is the opposite of what she experiences online, as she doesn’t deal with any petty issues and name-calling from anyone she engages with in person. “I don’t have problems in real life, I don’t. People respect me in real life because you know why? Because I’m a respectful person. So, if you think I’m some whor*, hussy, harlot… I ain’t never had that happen to me in real life,” she confirmed.

Renner is living with no regrets when it comes to standing in her truth.

“People are going to say whatever they want anyway, so I’d rather just have fun. And I have my type of fun. I don’t care if it ain’t fun to you, I’m going to do what I wanna do,” she added regarding trolls while addressing her viral Charleston White moment.

Brittany Renner addresses her critics: "I’m built for this... I know my truth" (2024)
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