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Cathy Brummel

21:38 28 Jun 23

I met with dietician/nutritionist Laura Woodworth on 6/27, she was so caring & helpful giving good advice as to how I need to add incorporate protein into my diet and gave me handouts explaining how I could could achieve this.Since I have tendency to dehydrate sometimes, she also gave me suggestions to electrolytes packets which. can be added to your water containers . It was very helpful on giving me "Optimize your Brain" handout, that reading explains how protein is so vital to brain health. I'm now trying to keep diary of what I eat daily. I truly appreciate the care she gave me and being totally there for me as a person, she had a great sense of humor which made me relaxed too.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (2)

Wesley Callow

00:25 01 Jun 23

I love this place! So many brilliant and wonderful souls in one location to help guide you through your health journeys. Dr. Mary and I have a great relationship that keeps me engaged in my health.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (3)

Taylor French

17:46 19 May 23

Dr. Tim is amazing! This is the first time I’ve ever felt listened to and heard while visiting a medical practice. About 1 year ago I decided to stop reaching out to a traditional doctor for help because they’d just tell me everything was fine but give me pills to “fix” the problem. Dr. Tim is thorough, kind, and genuinely wants to help his patients by finding the root of the issue and NATURALLY correcting the “why” behind it!The only thing I seem to have issues with here, is getting ahold of the front desk for scheduling… I have had to play quite a bit of phone tag and haven’t received calls back when I leave voicemails. But, I will take having to call a couple times per day/week to feel like an actual human in a medical practice any day! Dr. Tim - you ROCK!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (4)

Derek Olson

22:44 09 May 23

Dr. Griffith has been a great advocate for my health since I started seeing him years ago. He is thoughtful and truly cares about his patients, taking the time to hear all health concerns in order to make a holistic plan to treat them. I highly recommend his services and Heart of Wellness.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (5)

Robin Ramon

05:06 04 May 23

I really appreciated how prompt the receptionists are in reaching out toMe with scheduling and ordering medicine. Dr. Shannon keeps us informed with any procedures that may help me in my fight against cancer. Lab technician, Lori, is very professional, friendly and painless!😃

Recipe: Ginger Chews (6)

Brittni Vargas

01:47 07 Feb 23

So far my experiences have all been amazing here! Mary has been extra amazing!!!!! I had a Pap with her and I have never been treated with so much care and respect at a pap appointment before. She was very gentle, caring, took the time to explain things. Zero judgment! So much care! I, as a plus size women, felt so so cared for. Highly recommend! Glad I found her.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (7)

Megan Lanese

19:02 05 Jan 23

Dr. Shannon truly changed my daughter’s life by effectively treating her ADD with a homeopathic after other “mainstream” modalities of treatment had failed. It took several attempts to find the right medicine, but he was both patient and persistent. The ability to focus has allowed her to excel at school and other areas of her life in ways we once thought weren’t even possible. We are SO a grateful!!! She is an entirely different person now and SO much happier.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (8)

Christine Hansen

17:02 23 Nov 22

My family and I have been going to Heart of Wellness for about seven years now, and we are delighted with the care we receive.I have multiple chronic illnesses and after years of conventional medicine (which didn't help much, as I was misdiagnosed), I deeply appreciate the holistic approach to improving my health.From front desk staff to care providers, each and every person I've worked with at Heart of Wellness is professional and caring and compassionate. And they're ALL great listeners!!!My care providers, Dr. Morgan Schuster, ND and Jeff Foucrier, DPT, have both contributed immensely to my health and my quality of life, and have helped me get to a place where managing my chronic illnesses isn't so incomprehensible and difficult.I'm deeply grateful for everyone at Heart of Wellness, and am so glad they're part of the community.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (9)

Caila Irwin

00:26 11 Oct 22

Today was my first time seeing Mary Attwood (newer doctor) and she was really great! I didn’t want to be seen at first for a consult appointment just to get a referral, but she went above and beyond helping me address what’s going on, and other issues in my life. You can tell she really cares! I felt so supported after the appointment and comfortable to reach out to her when needed. I will definitely be seeing her again! The call was via zoom, but still felt so personable.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (10)

Jennifer Murtagh

22:05 21 Sep 22

Every visit, whether in person or virtual, has been thorough and helpful beyond my good expectations. I feel completely heard, respected, and cared for whenever I am with a practitioner!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (11)

Destiny Schaetzly

00:05 13 Sep 22

Absolutely the best place I have been too. The doctors listen to what you have to say and are very helpful with their advice. I can't wait to start my journey on starting a holistic lifestyle.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (12)

Kathryn Carpenter

19:48 27 Jul 22

This was my first visit with Dr. Michelle, and it was SO nice to finally talk to a doctor that cares. I have been searching for the past few years for a new thyroid doctor since my old one retired and have had some interesting experiences in the process. Throughout our entire 1hr appt, Michelle listened and really helped me to figure out the next steps in my thyroid care journey. I am so thankful a friend recommended her to me, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (13)

Dean Remillard

18:47 24 Jun 22

Exceptional care and professionalism. Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm is a breath of fresh air.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (14)

Rachel Dee

00:33 04 Jun 22

Dr. Tim Shannon is great! He listens, doesn't rush me and shows care and compassion. He also explains everything so that I understand. I feel like we are more of a team trying to work through and heal my ADHD and anxiety. For the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm just another name on the schedule to be given a pill and a "see you later" in under 15 minutes. The appointments are 30-45 minutes, depending.I highly recommend him for mental health.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (15)

Kelli Hudziak

05:13 17 May 22

Truly carrying kind people for sure... Definitely save my life with my Biomedical Hormone Replacement therapy....Doctor Schuster really cares about her patience....

Recipe: Ginger Chews (16)

Indigo Keeslar

20:10 12 May 22

Excellent service! They do a fantastic job making sure your going in the right direction! Great staff too!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (17)

Deborah Gunter

06:25 29 Jan 22

First time seeing Dr. Kent as I needed to get in to see someone right away & she happened to have an opening. I really liked the way she made me feel comfortable & is professional as well. She took my concerns seriously & I felt she really wanted to help.I appreciate that. Thank you.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (18)

Kristi Hayes

20:34 24 Jan 22

I have seen many different providers at Heart Of Wellness and each and every one has been amazing at their specialty. If you have a complicated medical history and are in search of providers who listen to you and are willing to work with you to get to the route of your problem and live a healthier, happier life - than look no further. I highly recommend this office and the providers. It's also very convenient that they accept insurance for acupuncture, cupping, massage and functional Dr visits. I'd highly recommend booking an appointment with David Lerner for your acupuncture needs- he's knowledgeable in oncology and autoimmune disorders and his services improve the quality of your life. I came in this morning with a throbbing headache and by the time I left it was gone- it's almost magical! (Except if you're interested and ask him he can explain the science and research behind his treatments.) Everyone in the office is friendly and accommodating from the front office to the different providers.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (19)

Melissa Hansen

01:10 10 Dec 21

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to go to a doctor who actually listens to you. If she didn’t understand my values and what is important for me, she sure is a great actor. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Wilhelm. I’ve only been to her once, but I already trust her more than my old doctor. I have a feeling I won’t be avoiding my doctor anymore. After telling my husband about my visit, he said he may try her also. My daughter in law the same. I truly think Dr. Wilhelm is who we will be using from now on. God willing.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (20)

Brittany Nevas

21:09 11 Nov 21

Everyone at this clinic is absolutely helpful. I brought my daughter in, who is 3, and had no issues at all. Everyone tried to make her and me feel as comfortable as possible, rescheduling was so easy, and the woman working in the lab was absolutely spectacular! She was very calm and gave my daughter the very best experience for a blood draw. Our doctor, Dr. Wilhelm, is thorough, easygoing, inquisitive, and really allows us to communicate our needs without feeling pressured one way or another on anything. I’m so glad we found this clinic. Our whole family is now established here. We love Heart of Wellness!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (21)

Cathryn Lewis

16:38 01 Oct 21

I was late, personal error, and they allowed me to have my blood draw anyway. The phlebotomist is great, she’s quick and reasonably painless. Highly recommend.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (22)

Katie Stemmene

22:33 20 Sep 21

I was very impressed with my visit. The provider listened to ALL of my issues. Made several suggestions for how we would treat based off what the lab work said, including if the lab work all came back normal! She was thorough and thoughtful, and I felt very hopeful after my appointment.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (23)

Evan Grimm

22:55 10 Sep 21

Professional staff. Easy online pre-visit forms. Dr. Wilhelm was knowledgeable, caring, and very helpful. I would recommend Heart of Wellness.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (24)

Michelle Anderson

18:14 08 Sep 21

The staff at Heart of Wellness are kind and courteous. The doctors take their time and get to know you and your specific health concerns. I highly recommend them!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (25)

Deborah Thompson

08:45 30 Jul 21

I chose this place as I am trying to get healthy. I met with a dietician as I need to gain weight. She was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to! I felt like I was at home!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (26)

Ellen Brown

23:43 19 Jul 21

I had a wonderful experience at Heart of Wellness clinic. The front office staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Diana Duncan made me feel at ease. She was thorough and explicit with information and questions I had. Overall excellent.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (27)

Korja Giles

19:15 20 May 21

Revisiting acupuncture for the first time since pre-pandemic and my mind was put at ease the moment I stepped in and was greeted by the friendly folks at the front desk. Morgan is a warm, knowledgeable and calming presence, and I look forward to future acupuncture appointments with him. Heart of Wellness makes it easy to take the time for myself and prioritize my overall well-being.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (28)


19:45 07 May 21

The care that I receive here is amazing. They focus on making me better from my soul to my toes. I would strongly recommend seeing the providers at Heart of Wellness. They're caring and kind. They actually listen to you and take your knowledge of your body into account.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (29)

Hayley Ridout

18:30 20 Apr 21

Dr Kent was amazing! She took the time to answer all my question at my child’s 3 month wellness visit. I highly recommend this clinic.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (30)

Janelle Martinez

00:14 04 Mar 21

I am a relatively new patient here but my experience so far has been absolutely fantastic. The receptionists are kind, organized and knowledgeable. Dr Schuster is the most incredible doctor Ive ever had. She is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, honest, hopeful and thorough. I have been able to get in in a very timely manner and the staff and my doctor have been responsive to messages and after appointment questions I have had. I would highly recommend this practice.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (31)

Dave Friedly

20:59 16 Feb 21

Overall, I like Heart of Wellness. It just depends on your doctor. One is a little too nature focused. The doctor I settled on takes both a medicinal and natural approach.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (32)


15:01 13 Feb 21

I have been to many different providers for men’s health over the last several years and I can say without a doubt that Dr. Michelle Kent is the best. Her extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and personalized care has made me feel both confident and excited about optimizing and maintaining my health. I highly recommend her if you are looking for exceptional care in the Olympia area.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (33)

ken kellogg

18:10 05 Dec 20

Great , professional thorough exam. A-1 . Was seeking new provider.etc found it. Tx

Recipe: Ginger Chews (34)

Kelly Allen

23:45 30 Nov 20

They care more about you than your own family. They take care of the whole person. "The memory of a good deed can never be taken from the heart of one who is grateful."

Recipe: Ginger Chews (35)

Laura Schleyer

00:04 12 Nov 20

Gary Black is excellent! Very very talented in myofascial release. Issues that I'd had for a long time we're so relieved after his treatment today. I'm so grateful to him, my body feels so relaxed and wonderful!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (36)

Brooke Wickham

06:44 27 Oct 20

Affordable functional medicine with caring and excellent staff.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (37)

Michelle Rancour

17:03 14 Jul 20

I love Heart if Wellness because it is warm and inviting, nestled in the corner with nature all around. It is peaceful and the staff are outstanding. My acupuncture appointments are a blessing. I highly recommended!!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (38)

Carol Alston

17:07 27 May 20

I was just reading some of the comments and I just thought it might be a way for me to ask you a question can I use a mustard pack if you've had a stint in heart and heart disease.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (39)

Amanda Jones

15:06 26 May 20

I love the physicians here! I feel wholly cared for and listened to while also receiving too notch treatment options both natural and traditional.The front staff have been a little hit or miss in the past, but I've seen some drastic improvements in this of late. I think they've figured out a system that works for them now.If you're looking for a new physician's office and someone who will take the time to sit and listen to you and discuss health and life options appropriately, I highly recommend this office.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (40)

Deb Jorgensen

15:28 10 Jan 20

If you want a doctor who actually gets to know you and will work with you to solve your medical issues, this is the place. Heart of Wellness uses a kinder, gentler approach than what I have been accustomed to. I suffered terribly from GERD and acid reflux and drugs for this caused me to have kidney damage. Within weeks of coming here I was feeling so much better. No more drugs, no more acid reflux or GERD. Amazingly simple and easy process! I love this place!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (41)

Crystal Chilman

01:54 25 Nov 19

I don’t write reviews, so please note for me to do so is completely out of character, but I really wanted people to know that this place is very different. I have been looking for a new doctor for both myself and my daughter, not an easy task. I was drawn to this place by their website, which indicated they listen to the patient, value patient time and trust. Dr. Schuster certainly exceeded what I expected. She listened, looked at me while I shared my concerns, provided handouts to help educate me on nutrition, was respectful and kind when I talked about goals I wanted help on and made me feel like I was really heard. She treated my teenage daughter the same way. They made accommodations due to my daughters disability while making future appointments and the office was very relaxing and calming. I also need to give kudos to the young ladies at the front desk. They are polite, sweet, friendly, they smile, go out of their way to be kind...honestly, it was so different. This is the first place that has ever got me in on time, not hurried me through my appointment and made me feel like I mattered (other than my OB/GYN who is awesome!! Shout out to Dr. Laurel Dickinson). If you are looking for a new doctor or are looking for a naturalpathic consult, I truly recommend Dr. Schuster. Much thanks to the office for being so kind to us.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (42)


21:38 04 Nov 19

I love the care and patience I receive. Dr Duncan is wonderful! The office itself is calm and feels warm and inviting. With the focus being on healing at the source rather than only treating symptoms the practice does focus on the well being of their patients as a whole. My doctor cares about her patients and I always feel welcome and not rushed.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (43)

Erin Sylvester

14:37 23 Oct 19

So pleased with our experience here. We've brought 3 out 4 of our children and couldn't have been more happy with the "alternative" solutions to our issues

Recipe: Ginger Chews (44)

Maria Noonan

21:59 23 Jun 19

I go here for many different services. The staff are excellent. Dr. Laura has been the only individual to figure out some medical issues that no one else could. She took in everything I was saying and was able to properly figure out what was going on. She was vital in the health of my pregnancy as well. I highly recommend this location for any medical needs.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (45)

Kelly Allen

15:25 24 Mar 19

The very best medical care I have ever had. Whole body and mind Wellness. Any other type of primary care will leave you only half way healthy.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (46)

Ashley Jaquet

19:58 18 Feb 19

Before coming to heart of wellness I had been struggling with some terrible back pain in my lower and mid back from a work injury that occurred at age 27. I decided to try acupuncture and after 8 to 10 sessions with David Lerner I realized some of the pain that I had was quite a bit better. I felt very releived! David Learner is not only good at his job, but also at figuring out where the pain is coming from and attacking it from different angles and different techniques. Still having some issues I proceeded onto myofascial release massage with Gary Black, because a lot of my pain is muscular this type of massage was helpful. I highly recommend not only these two, but the clinic itself. All around a great and kind place to be.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (47)

Jessie Payne

01:41 01 Dec 18

I love Heart of Wellness. Their practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. They sell a full range of vitamins and health products. Their staff work on healing and treating your whole body. I've been really pleased by how patient and thorough my doctor had been there, she explains everything like a professor!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (48)

Kai Atherton

08:33 17 Nov 18

The staff here are wonderful, from reception to health care everyone is professional, kind, and helpful. The location is right by the highway, and they have many practitioners so availability is great. I have recommended them to many a friend, and would do so again!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (49)

Holly Anderson

23:59 03 Oct 18

So happy with all my experiences here! Dr. Laura very quickly acted on my concerns within our first visit and found my diagnosis almost right away and has been pivotal in helping me manage my chronic illness ever since. Coming up on a year since the diagnosis and my health continues to improve at every turn.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (50)

Mariella Tzoncheva

13:34 01 Oct 18

Amazing medicine professionals. I have my life back because of them.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (51)

Sherie Suter

17:06 26 Sep 18

I absolutely love Heart of wellness! Their practitioners are compationate and knowledgeable. They take time with you, every time, to really understand your concerns and help you get to the root of the problem instead of just treating symptoms! I feel so much better after following the program Dr Duncan put me on after getting no help from “traditional” drs. I sent a friend to the clinic and she also has been greatly helped! A nice added benifit is the supplements and meds you get there are always at the lowest price I can find so they are not marking them up to make money on their clients that way. You really get the sence their number one goal is to help you. Your not just a number or dollar sigh here! I highly recommend this clinic!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (52)

Bill Wasner

17:18 20 Aug 18

The front office staff and Dr. Shannon are very professional and kind which is greatly appreciated!!! Dr. Tim Shannon is excellent in applying Homeopathic Medicine towards relieving chronic Depression and Anxiety. For more than 40 years I've been dealing with cyclic episodes of severe depression and anxiety which was only getting worse as I aged. I've tried so many different types of medicine over the years to heal or combat these symptoms but nothing really seemed to work. Dr. Shannon found the right Homeopathic remedy and now the anxiety and depression is greatly reduced and my energy and well being are returning. Thanks again to Dr. Shannon and the front desk for being so kind and professional :)

Recipe: Ginger Chews (53)

Brendan Edwards

12:40 13 Jul 18

I can't say enough good things about the professionals at Heart of Wellness. I've had acupuncture, functional medicine and nutrition counseling here. They're not all about numbers or money, they are going to help find the answers and get you feeling better. Great service here!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (54)

Magen Houle

04:40 08 May 18

I love this place. I love my provider her. She is so amazing. she takes time to go over everythimg, explains it well answers all my questions and genuinely seems to care about finding a solution to my health issues. I was always a bit weary of seeing a NP but she came highly recommended and I am so glad I choose to take the leap. She has done more for me than any primary care has

Recipe: Ginger Chews (55)

Sue Gardiner

01:59 08 May 18

Always have gotten great care from my Dr. (Katie) when she is out the other Docs are great.. love em. My only issue is lately the office has had trouble keeping meds in stock that I need. Really can be frustrating at times.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (56)

wendy sutich

00:44 08 May 18

I am so grateful for this clinic! Acupuncture from Morgan has helped me with a shoulder injury and Dr. Laura (who is now my primary-care physician) has assisted me in overcoming severe allergic reactions that were affecting my quality of life. She has also provided excellent nutritional support to help my body heal after melanoma surgery. The reason there are 4 stars and not 5 is because sometimes the phone lines are not working well, or the debit/credit card machine is down. Once I had to purchase a supplement elsewhere because of this and it cost $40.00 more. The quality of care is worth working around business-office glitches and I'm sure H. of Wellness is working on this. I hope so because some of these issues can be very frustrating and inconvenient to deal with.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (57)

K Konrad

00:01 08 May 18

Love the doctors. Had a poorly timed incident which needed care quickly, back and front office staff was communicating poorly with me and each other. It was pretty frustrating as I was very ill and needed help - ended up working out but only because my mother was at the pharmacy minutes before they closed. Not a fun situation. My doctor, Courtney is awesome and saved the day!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (58)

Nicole Paling

21:33 06 Mar 18

The doctors here are fantastic but the office staff is lacking. They're unprofessional and lazy, I'm really hoping that the front office staff can get it together...

Recipe: Ginger Chews (59)


01:49 23 Feb 18

Kind, compassionate and all around caring. Dr Diana Duncan is impressive. Amy has been invaluable and has helped to heal my neck injury more than I thought possible.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (60)

Karen Neill

22:17 20 Jan 18

I really enjoy going here. Dr. Michelle Diesering is wonderful and always listens to my concerns. The nutritionist is also very nice. The prior MD I saw made me feel like he didn't have time to really discuss my concerns. I also wanted someone who would look at the whole picture, not just the symptoms. Heart of Wellness does that. I live in Tacoma now and will continue to travel to Tumwater to see Dr. Diesering and her staff.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (61)

Prisma Brewer

14:49 22 Dec 17

I really love Heart of Wellness. I have been seeing a doctor here for about 2 months now and it has been wonderful! Dr. Tim is extremely knowledgeable and very kind. This clinic has truly been a blessing to me and I am so glad that I found it! I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for a no-nonsense, low-key, great clinic.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (62)

Mike Meadway

19:41 16 Dec 17

Very happy with the staff, treatment and communication. Tim Shannon (my physician) has done an outstanding job for myself and my wife. Highly recommend.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (63)

Joel Brincken

16:19 22 Nov 17

Really happy with what they have done for me!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (64)

C Jean

00:42 04 Nov 17

After a molar extraction which left me with dry socket and facial nerve damage, I sought out David to alleviate the pain. I found him to be very thorough and attentive. He treated me with acupuncture as well as electrical nerve stimulation. The experience left me feeling very grateful to have discovered a treasure like him in Olympia. I highly recommend him; he is very knowledgeable about alternative ways to help us deal with aliments that we face. CJ

Recipe: Ginger Chews (65)

Sarah Bergman

23:45 09 Sep 17

Gary Black, LMP is wonderful! He has provided me with the Myofascia Release 'therapy' and I cannot say enough how happy I am to now know about this! Gary is very knowledgeable and communicates well with passion, ease and understanding. He also makes me feel extremely comfortable. Dr Diana suggested this form of massage mostly for my abdominal pain and low back pain. I think it is exactly the right solution for the scar tissue resulting from cesarean problems. And if you don't know about Myofascia Release yet, you should go find out (: I am tired of getting no answers from elsewhere, and happy to find Heart of Wellness! I look forward to my next visit with Dr Diana. Though in my initial one, she was very helpful and really listened to my concerns and offered some insight that no other doctor has ever mentioned. She made some simple suggestions to me and the recommendation for Gary and I am so very thankful! Thank you Gary and Dr Diana!!!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (66)

Don P etevson PETERSON

04:34 05 Sep 17

Great naturopathic office, great people working there. Very knowledgeable.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (67)

Wendy Fox

12:55 14 Aug 17

Dr. Duncan is amazing, and what a great staff!

Recipe: Ginger Chews (68)

Joceile Moore

05:56 23 Mar 17

Dr. Tim Shannon has extraordinary skills in working on mental health issues. By giving me the correct homeopathic remedy, his treatment has virtually stopped my nightmares. These nightmares have been multi-week events for over 40 years. He is compassionate and communicates clearly. I am astonished by the effectiveness of his treatment.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (69)

Yasmin Longoria

14:40 08 Feb 17

I have only seen Dr. Tim Shannon at this office. He is amazing and has helped me and my family more than I can say. I like to call him Dr. Magic ? If you believe in natural medicine, get here asap. They also accept most insurances.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (70)

Claudia O.

19:59 05 Aug 16

I'm grateful I found Heart of Wellness shortly after moving to the area last year. I've now been working with David and Dr Michele for about a year, first identifying what was going on, and then after testing positive for Lyme and several co-infections, treating those. They always take care to answer any questions I may have, and make sure that I'm clear on everything before I head out of the office. I love that the various providers collaborate well with one another. Everyone at Heart of Wellness is kind-hearted and very helpful, including the front desk staff. Would highly recommend Heart of Wellness to anyone looking for a holistic approach.

Recipe: Ginger Chews (2024)
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