The 50 best breakfast and brunch in Ann Arbor (2024)


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Cozy, bustling eatery known for its eggs Benedict also boasts an extensive salad bar.

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We used to come to Afternoon Delight literally every day before the pandemic - it is one of our favorite restaurants in Ann Arbor! It has been a while since we last visited, so we decided to come back again today. We found the food to be delicious as always, top quality and the portions truly generous. The owner, Mrs Williams, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. My wife really loves the Smoked Nova Salmon Eggs Benedict - during the weekday it is served with english muffin, but on the weekend it is specially accompanied by their signature potato pancake. The addition of capers perfectly complements the creamy bearnaise sauce, making it refreshing and well balanced. As shown in our photographs, the poached eggs appear even with running yolks - magnificent :-). The Avocado Toast AD style is composed of whole wheat bread, light, moist and creamy. I normally order a large tossed salad, which includes one of Afternoon Delight's famous muffins, which in my opinion are the BEST in Ann Arbor! We will definitely go back again soon.Update 04/20/2022: We came back again today for the ginormous and marvelous Split Personality frozen yoghurt, which comes with a lot of fresh fruit and banana. We also ordered a delicious Albacore Tuna Sandwich with challah bread (which came with a side of our favorite potato salad) and a signature muffin (this time, cherry flavored). Our server, Amanda, was friendly and attentive, and Mrs Williams made us feel welcome.Update 04/27/2022: Today we ordered the Rueben and the Atlantic Smoked Salmon sandwich (with croissant instead of pumpernickel bread), both of which were flavorful and scrumptious. I particularly appreciated that the Rueben was less greasy than other establishments. The combination of olives and capers in the salmon sandwich also worked perfectly together.Update 04/28/2022: We ordered the Mediterranean Omelette, which came with a peanut butter and chocolate muffin, and three eggs with four sausage links and hash brown, which came with challah toast. We loved the omelette, which was healthy and fluffy. The eggs were also cooked perfectly, with running yolks and the sausages were non-greasy.Update 04/12/2022: The berry patch is very fruity, health and light, with frozen yoghurt, so a healthier option.

The place was nice and clean. The food was amazing! The cinnamon raisin French toast was definitely fire!! They were so busy that my waitress forgot to bring me a to go box and give me a refill of my water but I wasn’t really mad about it. However I did want to take my leftovers home to eat later lol. I’m definitely going again!!

I am a big fan of extra crispy thin bacon. So far this is the only brunch place in Ann Arbor that meets my expectation. Love this local restaurant!

I was fairly unimpressed with my food, but everyone I was with was seemed to really like theirs.I got the biscuits and gravy with crispy hash browns.The biscuits and gravy were fairly bland and tasted very creamy. The hot sauce that was delivered by the waitress in a flash saved it.The hash browns were crispy but didn't seem to be seasoned.All the baked goods and sweet breakfast foods looked great. If I were to return, I would tru those

One of our favorite breakfast joints in Michigan. We make the hour long trip at least once a month for their boules and muffins.Super tasty food, in a cozy environment, with quintessential Ann Arbor vibes - you really can't go wrong here!

I’ve gone to afternoon delight since I wasA kid (I loved the berry sundae with a muffin!) and it’s charm still warms my heart. The food is always fresh, the options are endless and the portions are generous. Wait in line for food, grab a seat and take in the bustle of Ann Arbor in this friendly spot. They have fantastic sandwiches and salads- it’s a perfect spot for lunch, kids love it too and it’s noisy so you don’t have to worry if you children are the loud ones 😂

I love Afternoon Delight! It is a verifiable Ann Arbor institution. Yes, the food is delicious across the menu and the restaurant itself is clean, but the kind and attentive staff makes eating at this restaurant extra special. I’ve eaten here for several years, at one time almost every day. On the whole, Afternoon Delight offers a consistently excellent dining experience (even when they’re busy). Keep up the good work!!

251 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA

The 50 best breakfast and brunch in Ann Arbor (2024)
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