UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)

Greetings, fellow UIM enthusiast. This guide is not perfect, and a lot of the things here are simply what I would recommend. Some information may become slightly outdated because metas change pretty often, but I’ll try to keep the guide up to date if I can.

I hope you find the guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord.

tl;dr: Use Duradel. Do every 250th task at Konar for the extra points. Use this slayer spreadsheet to make a proper task list that suits your preferences, and follow it. The construction cape and offering spells (i.e. 95 runecraft) are very important to have. You’ll also need a lot of prayer potions or super restores.

Use a setup that allows you to quickly switch between melee and barraging. Example setup below.

UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (1)

These unlocks are not mandatory, but having them is strongly recommended for efficiency.

  • Construction cape for its teleports.
  • 95 runecraft for crafting wrath runes.
  • Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary for the 6th block slot, the ability to use fairy rings without a dramen staff, and the daily alchs from the ring.
  • Karamja elite diary for a teleport next to Duradel.
  • Kourend & Kebos hard diary for the ash sanctifier. The elite diary (gives 100% prayer experience) requires level 95 slayer, which can be boosted from level 90.
  • Divine rune pouch for an extra slot for runes.

You need a way to get to your house without being on the normal spellbook. The construction cape is the best option for this by far. It is extremely useful for a lot of other content as well, so it’s well worth getting over using the budget alternatives. Grinding 99 construction may take a while, but trust me, the cape is very worth it.

  • If you don’t have the construction cape, replace it with the Achievement Diary cape, the farming cape, the quest cape, or the Explorer’s ring. Using these budget alternatives would take at least an extra 10–15 seconds per each teleport, which will definitely add up over time.
  • Alternatively, you can simply bring law and dust runes. This will take an extra inventory slot, but it’s a good option if you’re using the normal spellbook a lot.
  • Put your house to Prifddinas for dark beast tasks and run from Falador for black dragon tasks.

If you don’t have the quest cape for the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary, you should at the very least have 250 quest points for 5 blocks. The dramen staff isn’t usually worth bringing, because you can get to most task locations reasonably fast without using fairy rings.

Player-owned house

Make sure your POH has the fastest loading time. In short, make sure the house only has one floor and is no larger than 4 × 4 rooms, so it will load in 2 ticks. The Ultimate Ironman Discord server has more information on how to set up the POH efficiently.

Make sure you have built these in your POH:

  • Occult altar for quickly switching between normal spellbook, ancients, and Arceuus spellbook. At the very least, you should have the ancient altar.
  • Ornate rejuvenation pool, or the best one available
  • Fairy ring

Teleports needed:

  • Kourend Castle
  • Lumbridge or Catherby (Perdu)
  • Ferox Enclave (bagging)
  • Yanille (rune shop, optional)
  • Edgeville (anti-dragon shield)
  • Mounted mythical cape (not needed if you don’t do dragon tasks)

If you haven’t completed Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary and you’re not carrying the dramen staff, you will also need these teleports:

  • Salve Graveyard (Slayer Tower)
  • Battlefront (Mount Karuulm, optional)
  • Arceuus Library

Use Duradel. Do every 250th task at Konar for the extra points.

What tasks you do depends on your setup, level, and preferences. Generally you want to spend as much time as possible doing good tasks, and break even on slayer points in the long run. You also get a lot of passive herblore and prayer experience from slaying, so take that into account as well.

Example task lists

Feel free to use the Duradel task lists below. You can also tweak them to suit your preferences. A more detailed breakdown of individual tasks can be found later in this guide.

To build your own task list, use this slayer spreadsheet. The experience rates won’t be accurate, but the sheet is still useful for seeing the slayer point gain. If you’re not familiar with how to use it, watch this video.

  • For example, even though iron dragons are hot garbage, you don’t want to block them but skip them instead. This may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but that’s how task weights work. Iron dragons are pretty rare, and you definitely have something more common you don’t want to do, like spiritual creatures.
  • Being indecisive is a very easy way to waste a lot of points. If you end up skipping a very common task like abyssal demons half the time you get them, you might as well block them.
  • You also want to be somewhat picky about what tasks you do. If a certain task is okay but really not that great, you’re always better off not doing the task if you can afford to skip it — you can use the same time doing a better task instead. There is no real benefit of having a ton of slayer points if you’re not going to use them for skipping.

General notes

Here are a few things good to keep in mind when choosing a task list. Take these more as general guidelines rather than absolutes.

  • Extend nechryael, dust devils, and abyssal demons.
  • As a rule of thumb, good tasks offer fast slayer experience, a lot of prayer experience, or a lot of herb seeds for herblore experience. Very short tasks can be good for gaining slayer points.
  • Melee nechryael in the Slayer Tower for seeds. If you have herblore sorted somehow (such as through doing a lot of Chambers of Xeric) or if you don’t care about training herblore, you can barrage them in the Catacombs.
  • Blue dragons and wyrms become worth doing once you have 92 magic for Sinister Offering. The other dragon tasks are only worth doing with the dragon hunter lance or the Osmumsten’s fang. More information later.
  • Dagannoth barraging is very underrated, it’s a little sweaty but definitely worth learning.
  • If you have a lot of spare money, you can barrage abyssal demons and bloodvelds for fast experience.
  • Abyssal demons are only worth doing if you barrage them or if you’re using offering spells. Otherwise, they should be blocked.

Try to stay at around 1,000–1,500 points in case of bad luck with getting new tasks. If you’re getting low on points, start doing some of the worse tasks to profit more points. Point boosting is only recommended if you’re about to run out of points or you still need some unlocks.

If you need to do things in real life, you can alternatively do afk melee tasks for points. Normally I skip fire giants, but if I need to make food or do some homework, I do them if I get them since they’re very afk. Using Chrome Remote Desktop on the phone is very convenient for doing things around the house, since you don’t have to run to the computer whenever you need to drink prayer potions.

Should you need more money for buyable skills, doing Konar slayer for Alchemical Hydra tasks is a decent option.

Use a setup that allows you to quickly switch between melee and barraging. Depending on your exact setup, you can expect to have around 12–16 free inventory spaces for the supplies and the loot.

Make sure you can fit everything you don’t need into the looting bag and have no useless items in the inventory. Having a good amount of inventory space allows you to do most tasks in 1 or 2 trips.

If you have the bow of faerdhinen and the crystal armor:

  • Meleeing slayer is more efficient than ranging. The crystal armor takes valuable inventory space, so it’s best to revert the crystal armor and bag the seeds while training slayer.
  • If you don’t care about gaining melee experience, using the bow of faerdhinen with the crystal armor instead of melee can be a decent option. This will give you a lot more flexibility for item management and doing PvM on the side. The bow of faerdhinen also offers comparable damage output as most lower-end whip setups, so this wouldn’t affect the slayer rates that much either.

Note: It’s relatively safe to have items in a deathbank, but do so
at your own risk. It’s very possible to die if you disconnect or don’t pay attention. Only leave items you don’t mind potentially losing.

Your setup should generally consist of:

  • Melee equipment
  • Damage-boosting magic switches
  • Dragon hunter lance if you have one
  • A way to get to your POH, such as the construction cape
  • Runes for alchs, barraging, and high-level reanimation spells
  • Wrath runes if using offering spells
  • Super combat potions, or budget alternatives such as the dragon battleaxe and super attacks
  • Prayer potions or super restores
  • Ash sanctifier (when needed)
  • Looting bag, seed box, rune pouch, and coins


UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2)

Use the best melee equipment available. You can optionally bring a dragon dagger or dragon claws for special attacks. Use Death Charge if you’re bringing a special attack weapon for melee. Using the dragon dagger with Death Charge will increase your slayer experience rate for melee tasks by ~5–8% over just camping your main melee weapon.

Main melee weapon:
Blade of Saeldor → Osmumsten’s fang → Abyssal whip.

Melee weapon against dragons:
Dragon hunter lance → Osmumsten’s fang / Ghrazi rapier → Other melee weapons.

If you’re using the Osmumsten’s fang, bringing the dragon hunter lance is optional as it’s an inventory space for a fairly small DPS increase.

Replacing the proselyte hauberk with a fighter torso will give a small increase to damage output (~2–3%) for about 15% extra prayer drain when using Piety, so this is up to preference. If you’re prayer flicking, wear your best melee body and legs for the extra strength bonus. Monk robes are not a good replacement for proselyte armor as they have less prayer bonus, and you want some defence for nechryael and wyrms.

The berserker ring is best-in-slot for general slayer training. If you don’t have one, get one as soon as possible. Other rings, such as the Lightbearer, the ring of suffering, or the brimstone ring are not good options.

Tank armor is useless, because you can simply use overheads to negate damage. Having extra defence only helps for adamant and rune dragon tasks, which are rare and which you’re better off skipping anyway.

The Dinh’s bulwark is arguably not worth the inventory space. Its special attack is convenient for barrage tasks and it also allows you to do this method for dagannoth — however, the benefits aren’t that great and its weight is problematic for a few tasks.


UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (3)

Weapon downgrades:
Kodai wand → Staff of the dead (no autocast) → Nightmare staff → Ancient sceptre → Staff of water (no autocast) → Ancient staff

Having the autocast isn’t necessary for barraging. Manual casting can be a bit tedious though, and you cannot use defensive casting for the passive defence experience.

Do not wear proselyte when using magic. For monsters that have very low magic defence, such as dust devils and nechryael, you can optionally wear or storable prayer robes if you have them. If you don’t, use mystics. Simply take off the melee boots and the defender, and equip them if you need inventory space for the loot.

Always use mystics (or your best magic robes) for tasks where you need magic accuracy, such as smoke devils. For these tasks, you should grab the book of the dead (or your best god book from the Lighthouse) for some extra magic accuracy and prayer bonus.

If you have the full set, use ancestral robes for all barrage tasks.

Keep occult necklace and tormented bracelet switches in the inventory if you have them. The tormented bracelet is optional if it only gives you 1 extra max hit — use the DPS calculator to figure out how many extra max hits it will give you. Anything that isn’t storable or disposable, and only gives extra magic accuracy (such as Ahrim’s, eternal boots, seers ring) isn’t worth the inventory space.


Assuming you have the construction cape, you generally want to have:

  • Divine rune pouch: wrath, nature, fire, and soul runes.
  • Inventory: death, blood, and water runes.

This will give you the runes needed for offering, barrage, and high-level reanimation spells. However, you may need to adjust this a bit depending on your setup.

  • Water runes are unnecessary if you’re using the kodai wand or the staff of water. You can also replace the water runes with a tome of water if you have one.
  • If you don’t have 94 magic, bring chaos runes for burst spells.
  • You can optionally leave out fire runes if you only have the regular rune pouch.
  • If you don’t do that much barraging (such as only dust devils), you can buy the death, water, and chaos runes for bursting or barraging only as needed. This will give you more inventory space for melee tasks.

Buy runes from the Wizards’ Guild in Yanille, the magic shop in Prifddinas, or Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. Buy full stock per world, shift-click buy-50 (Menu Entry Swapper) and quick-hopper (World Hopper) plugins on RuneLite make this a lot faster and easier.

Sell any runes you’re not going to use or keep to Ali Morrisane. This applies mainly for chaos runes from dust devils, and chaos and law runes from nechryael.

Seed box

  • toadflax
  • irit
  • avantoe
  • kwuarm
  • snapdragon
  • cadantine

Bag lantadyme and torstol seeds, and optionally dwarf weed seeds.

Disposable items

Keep these items on you until you need to make more inventory space.

  • Karamja gloves 4
  • Explorer’s ring 4
  • Shortbow and arrows
  • Anti-dragon shield
  • Dragon dagger
  • God books and the book of the dead
  • Monk robes

Alch items during downtime whenever possible. For example, if you have a full inventory of alchables after a barrage task and you get dark beasts, you can switch to the normal spellbook and alch the items while doing that task.

If you don’t have any downtime or you’re not carrying fire runes, sell the alchables to the Rogues’ Den general store if you have 5 or more of them. The Rogues’ Den general store buys items starting at the high alchemy price, so you will barely miss out on money when selling items there. If you have less than 5 items, it’s slightly faster to simply alch them in the POH.

Important: General stores don’t have a warning for selling high-value items. Be very careful whenever you’re selling anything to a general store. To avoid unfortunate mistakes, I strongly recommend using the ‘Custom Menu Swaps’ plugin to remove the sell options on valuable items.

Arceuus spells

On melee tasks that give ensouled heads, stay on the Arceuus spellbook and reanimate the heads as you get them. If you accidentally picked up an ensouled head, simply drop it in the area you picked it up from and reanimate it on the spot.

Use offering spells for any high-tier bones (babydragon bones and above) and demonic ashes you get from melee tasks. This requires wrath runes, which you’ll most likely need to craft.

Depending on your task list, one wrath rune = ~1,200–1,500 slayer experience.

If you don’t have the runecraft level for wrath runes, offer the dragon bones at the gilded altar, and use the ash sanctifier for any demonic ashes you get.

  • It’s always better to use Demonic Offering than the ash sanctifier for melee tasks. The ash sanctifier is still decent to use if you’re looking to just afk (such as bloodvelds or black demons), because you wouldn’t have to pick up ashes. Slayer Tower nechryael tasks can be a bit annoying with Demonic Offering, but it’s worth doing extra trips for the extra prayer experience.

Thralls are not worth using as they require 2 inventory slots for fairly minimal boost in slayer rates. Death Charge is worth using if you’re bringing a special attack weapon for melee, but it’s somewhat expensive for what it’s worth.


Use the ash sanctifier for barrage tasks that drop demonic ashes, such as nechryael. You can store death runes into the ash sanctifier to make an extra inventory space for melee tasks.

Slayer bracelets are not worth making for general slayer training. With the UIM restrictions, efficiently making the bracelets in bulk is a surprisingly complicated and sweaty process. If you want to figure out how long it takes to make and deathbank 56 bracelets at once and if this would save any time (most likely won’t), be my guest.

  • The only exception is the Alchemical Hydra, where you should make bracelets of slaughter to extend the hydra task.
  • If you have noted opals and red topazes from Tempoross, they are probably worth making into bracelets.

The herb sack is worth bringing if you already have one and you have plenty of bag space to store the herbs. You don’t get that many grimy herbs except from aberrant spectres however, so it’s perfectly fine not to bring it. If you don’t have the herb sack, simply leave the grimy herbs on the ground.

Cannonballs aren’t worth making for anything even with the double ammo mold. The cannon won’t increase rates that much, and it’s dead weight for tasks where you don’t use it.

  • Even if you plan to “0-time” the cannonballs (afk while doing other things in real life), you have better options for afk, such as crafting blood runes or just doing afk melee tasks. The cannonballs wouldn’t last for that long anyway.
  • If you already have a lot of cannonballs, your best options to use them up are luring smoke devils, boosting slayer points, and killing lizardman shamans, bloodvelds, kalphites, and dagannoth.

The bonecrusher is not worth the inventory space. It’s a decent convenience upgrade for a couple Catacombs tasks for its prayer restore effect, but you can simply drink more prayer potions.

The ectoplasmator is not worth getting or bringing.

Zealot’s robes are not worth getting, but they look cool.

Long and curved bones are worth turning in for construction experience, even if you only turn in a single bone.

Sell valuable duplicates (such as abyssal whips) to the Shilo Village general store and buy them back on your alt. Remember to wear the Karamja gloves to get the best price.


Overhead prayers are used for almost every task. On some melee tasks you can get away with using food instead, but with limited inventory space using overheads is a much better and more afk option.

Always use Piety on melee tasks. Using worse offensive prayers will lower your damage output a lot, so downgrade to Ultimate Strength or Superhuman Strength only if you really need the extra afk time. Arclight isn’t worth using with worse offensive prayers.

For barrage tasks, you only need to use offensive prayers (Mystic Might or Augury) against monsters that have magic defence. These include smoke devils, warped jellies from Konar, and the TzHaar. Otherwise, just camp overhead.

Prayer flicking is completely optional. If you’re not going to prayer flick, you’re going to need a lot of prayer potions and some inventory space for them. You can get a lot of ranarr seeds from master farmers or the Hallowed Sepulchre. You also get a decent amount of snapdragon seeds from slaying.


One 4-dose prayer potion = ~3,000–4,000 slayer experience. The more melee tasks you do the more prayer potions you’ll need. Don’t be afraid to use super restores.

Super combat potions are very good to use for slayer as they save valuable space. Divine super combats are worth using if you already have a noted stack of them or have spare crystal shards you would drop otherwise.

If you don’t have the herblore level for super combat potions, use super attacks and super strengths, or the dragon battleaxe special attack and super attacks.

Keep your noted potion stacks as 2-doses. This allows you to easily clear the inventory for herb runs, and 2-dose potions can be decanted into 4-dose potions relatively quickly. You might occasionally waste a dose here and there when decanting, but it’s not a big deal.

If you only need to unnote a couple potions, use the closest bank or unnoter. If you need a full inventory of potions such as for a long melee task, unnote potions at the Grand Exchange and use the decanter to decant the unnoted potions into 4-doses.

Notes for barraging

Always use Ice Barrage instead of Ice Burst if you can. If you somehow cannot afford barraging, consider crafting some blood runes or doing more melee tasks.

Start using defensive casting after 94 magic so you also train defence, unless you’re in a rush to get 99 magic. If you don’t care about training defence then it doesn’t really matter.

For luring, buy a maple shortbow and steel arrows whenever you get a barrage task. This is generally your best option, however:

  • It’s worth making darts if you barrage dust devils and nechryael. This requires having noted bars to make a lot of darts in one go, keeping the stack of darts in the inventory, and not wasting too many ticks when luring. Using the shortbow is barely worse since it gives you an extra inventory space for other tasks and it’s much easier to use for luring, so I’d say this is mainly up to preference.
  • If you melee nechryael, darts are not worth the inventory space just for dust devils.
  • The toxic blowpipe uses scales, so it’s not a good option for luring. It can be a decent convenience upgrade from darts however, since it has a longer attack range. However, any shortbow is just as good for smoke devils and bloodvelds.
  • If you have the Ava’s assembler in the inventory and you don’t want to make darts, you can buy knives from the Rogues’ Den. Otherwise, knives are not worth using.

Do not wear proselyte when bursting or barraging. Contrary to the popular image, your magic accuracy does matter (to some degree) even against monsters that have low magic defence. Having slightly better damage output and saving money on runes is always worth the extra prayer potion per task.

  • For monsters that have low magic defence (such as dust devils and nechryael), you can wear storable prayer-boosting robes if you have them. If you don’t, wear mystics. Grabbing monk robes at the Edgeville Monastery takes too long to be worth it.
  • Always wear your best magic gear for smoke devils or other monsters that have magic defence.

Explorer’s ring

Use Explorer’s ring alchs for barraging smoke devils, dust devils, abyssal demons, and bloodvelds. If you have spare charges, you can use them for meleeing wyrms and Slayer Tower nechryael.

If you’re barraging nechryael, sell the alchables to the Rogues’ Den general store. This is faster than alching in POH, and you will barely miss out on money doing this. You use up the daily ring charges in one task, so you’re better off conserving them for other tasks.

  • Selling to the Pollnivneach general store would save around 45 seconds per extended task, but you would miss out on roughly 50,000 coins.

If you’re out of the daily charges, do extra trips if needed and sell the alchables to the Rogues’ Den general store.

Use the run energy restoration for smoke devils if needed. For dagannoth, simply use the POH pool to restore run energy.

Dragon tasks

If you have the dragon hunter lance or the Osmumsten’s fang, blue dragon, red dragon, and wyrm tasks become very good to do. You can optionally do smaller steel dragon tasks for points. Only do the minimum amount of adamant and rune dragons if you need points.

  • Red dragons are worth unlocking for points after lance. The task is relatively short (you only get assigned 30–65) and it gives decent prayer experience.
  • Mithril dragons are not worth unlocking for a fast point task. They are very common, they take a while to gear up for, and sometimes you need to do a second trip to finish the task.

Antifire potions are not needed for dragon tasks, and they are not worth the inventory space. You’ll need to wear an anti-dragon shield, and bring some food to heal the dragonfire damage. If you want to put in extra effort, you can flick defender for the lance hit for better damage output, and tank the dragon hit with the anti-dragon shield on.

If you’re using offering spells but don’t have the lance yet, it’s worth using the ghrazi rapier or the abyssal whip for blue dragon and wyrm tasks.

If you don’t have offering spells, skip these tasks and do other tasks for points, such as cave horrors and gargoyles.

Here are all tasks from Duradel and Konar, including a few which you can unlock with slayer points. I’ve included experience rates for some tasks — note that they’re only for reference and may not be completely accurate. They tend to be on the higher end as well, so your actual rates are probably going to be slightly lower.

Aberrant spectres
Slayer Tower. The herb sack makes this task very good, but even without one they’re good for points. Deviant spectres are also an option if you need something very afk.
Abyssal demons (melee)
~50k–55k prayer
Slayer Tower basem*nt, use the north-eastern corner. Catacombs is more reclined alternative but gives less experience per hour. In the Catacombs use one of the northern rooms; you can run through the iron dragons to get there faster. If you can’t use offering spells, block these.
Abyssal demons (barrage)
~50k–55k (SBS)
Abyssal demon barraging is good on paper, but it’s very expensive and can be pretty annoying to do. Lure the southern room with a shortbow and freeze the abyssal demons in the middle, then lure the northern room and Ice Barrage them all. Trident and splash gear isn’t worth the inventory space on UIM.The Spellbook Swap (SBS) method is better to do since you get more prayer experience from the ashes, but requires much more effort. Use the strategy above for the SBS method.
Adamant dragonsOnly do the minimum amount with the lance if you need points, skip otherwise. Grab an antipoison and dodge the poison attacks. These do a lot of damage without tank armor, so be prepared to do multiple trips.
~50k (barrage)
Catacombs. Barraging is ideal, but you can also afk them with melee. Good task for points, but depending on your task list you might not need to do these.
BasilisksUnlock for killing basilisk knights for the basilisk jaw. Melee offers faster kills but is tryhard, ranged is a slower but much more reclined option.
Black demonsIf you need to afk, this task is great. Skip or block otherwise, unless you’re killing demonic gorillas.
Black dragonsKill baby black dragons in the Taverley Dungeon for free points.
Bloodvelds (melee)
~15k / ~25k prayer
Slayer Tower, use the spot near aberrant spectres. If you prefer afking, use the south-eastern area in the Catacombs — even though there are only 5 spawns, it’s easy to lose aggro in the other areas which can be very annoying. These are a good task at lower levels, but at higher levels you’re better off skipping these if you can afford it.
Bloodvelds (barrage)
If you have a lot of spare money, consider learning this method. You need 2 dancing alts to stack the bloodvelds (possible with 1 but it’s annoying). The only requirement for the alts is having membership and having them run to the bloodveld room. The dancing pattern has to be exactly the same as shown in the clip. Use the Explorer’s ring to alch any rune items you get if you have charges.
Blue dragons
~28k, ~64k prayer
Myths’ Guild Dungeon. Take 6–7 prayer potions, 1 super combat potion, and the rest cheese potatoes per trip. Ignore the hides. A task should take 2 trips with lance.
Bronze dragonsOnly assigned by Konar. You can do small tasks for points, I prefer skipping these. For Catacombs tasks you need antifires or an alt to tank the dragonfire.
Cave horrors
Minigame teleport to Trouble Brewing and run south-west. Camp Protect from Melee so you don’t have to wear the witchwood icon. This is a decent task for points since you get some seeds, but it’s usually better to skip these.
Cave krakenBlock, unless you need a trident.
Dagannoth (barrage)
Up to ~75k–80k
Freeze the dagannoth in the middle and run through them in between barrages to stack them. Run east and west to lure more dagannoth into the pile while the stack is frozen. Use the graceful outfit for less weight. I prefer having NPC attack options on right-click and manually casting Ice Barrage, so it’s easier to loot the seeds and the heads. Restore run energy in the POH whenever needed.
Dagannoth (melee)
Catacombs. Turn on Protect from Melee, put your feet on the desk, and let Auto Retaliate do the hard work. The bonecrusher makes this task even more afk.
Dark beastsPrifddinas slayer cave, just south of the house portal. The superior’s 3 × 3 attacks cannot kill you so you can just afk. The magic auto-attacks still can, so if you’re at low hitpoints make sure to let the dark beasts hit you first, and eat up (if possible) should you get a second superior during the task.
Block or skip. Even with the lance and offering spells these are mediocre at best, and they take too long to be worth doing for points.
Dust devils
Catacombs. Lure them all with a ranged weapon, run back and forth through the stack to stack them, and barrage. Try not to waste too much time when stacking. Loot alchables up from battlestaves. Use the Explorer’s ring for alching if you have charges. If you want afk melee these, the task-only area in the Smoke Dungeon is almost always empty.
Fire giants
~7k prayer
(~10k prayer with bonecrusher)
If you need to afk, this task is great. Skip otherwise, unless you’re low on points. The bonecrusher makes this task even more afk.
Fossil Island
Block with the special block, skip if you cannot afford the block. If you’re very low on points, you can kill Taloned Wyverns in the task-only area.
Skip at higher levels. Slayer Tower basem*nt, use the south-eastern corner. Pray Protect from Missiles against the superior and dodge its special attacks, bring a couple cheese potatoes. I’m not the biggest fan of this task because the afk isn’t that good (gargoyles have short aggro distance) and these are often crowded.
Greater demonsUnblock for GWD, otherwise block. If you want to hard afk all of slayer, then it may be worth doing these in the Catacombs.
HellhoundsUnblock for Cerberus, otherwise block. If you want to hard afk all of slayer, then it may be worth doing these in the Catacombs.
HydrasOnly assigned by Konar. Do Alchemical Hydra tasks until lance and ferocious gloves. After that you can kill the boss for money whenever you happen to get hydras. If you’re using melee, check this video and this guide. Normal hydras aren’t worth doing.
Iron dragonsSkip. If you have the lance and you’re very low on points, you can do these in the Brimhaven Dungeon. The Catacombs ones are worse since they have higher defence and hitpoints, and without antifires you’ll get smoked there anyway.
JelliesOnly assigned by Konar. Do Catacombs tasks with barrage, skip Fremennik Slayer Dungeon tasks. The warped jellies have magic defence, so wear mystics.
KalphiteBlock, unless you’re killing the Kalphite Queen for the head.
KuraskSkip. The leaf-bladed battleaxe is not worth keeping, and even with one these aren’t that great.
LizardmenUnlock for killing shamans for the dragon warhammer. Meleeing shamans is sweatier but offers faster kills, ranging is slower but more reclined. If you have 3 alts, you can alternatively use this red-x method with the bow of faerdhinen or the crystal bow.
Mithril dragonsNot worth unlocking. If you’re doing these, use void top and bottom for magic defence, stand in melee range, and use Protect from Melee.
Mutated ZygomitesZanaris, north of the fairy ring near the furnace. Do these if you need to build up points, they’re fast and rare. Bring a fungicide spray and 2 reloads. Wear the void top and bottom for some magic defence.
Lure them all with a ranged weapon, run around a corner to stack them, and barrage. Autocast Blood Barrage for the superior. Loot all rune items.
Nechryael (melee)
~50k prayer
Slayer Tower basem*nt. When the superior spawns its minions, run away far enough to deaggro them. Alternatively, you can safespot the superior so it cannot spawn its minions, and use magic to kill it. Make a slayer ring if the task is going to take more than 2 trips.For using offering spells, bring ~6–7 prayer potions and 1 super combat potion. Loot all rune items and runes. Adamant items are also worth looting unless you’re tight on space. Use one of the tables to juggle alchables. You can expect 2–3 trips per extended task depending on how much inventory space you have and how much you loot.If you can’t use offering spells, consider barraging in the Catacombs instead. Bring more prayer potions and also a couple cheese potatoes.
Red dragons
~25k, ~45k prayer
Unlock these if you have the lance and offering spells, they’re good for points. If you have Karamja elite diary done, do these in the Brimhaven Dungeon for noted hides. Otherwise, do these in the Myths’ Guild Dungeon and ignore the hides. 5–6 prayer potions and the rest cheese potatoes is enough for a task.
Rune dragonsOnly do the minimum amount with the lance if you need points, skip otherwise. Wear insulated boots. These do a lot of damage without tank armor, so be prepared to do multiple trips.
Skeletal WyvernsSkip. If you’re very low on points, melee these in the task-only area upstairs.
Smoke devils
~75k–90k (solo)
~80k–90k (alt)
Grab your best magic gear and turn off Auto Retaliate Loot rune items and battlestaves, use Explorer’s ring for alching if you have charges. Cannonballs aren’t worth making for this task, but if you already have them this is the best place to use them.The easiest solo method is to lure smoke devils with a shortbow and use the eastern skeleton in the middle to stack them. Use these tile markers to have an idea how far you can go (red tiles). Start luring from south-west and continue clockwise. Switch to longrange when luring from east, and be careful not to go over the red tiles as this will deaggro some of the smoke devils. Stand south of the eastern skeleton when luring from south-east to stack ones lured before.This method by Hyger is slightly faster, but very sweaty, and probably not that much faster without staminas. If you want to try the method, check the video and his explanation for the method, and import these tile markers.This alt method is technically viable, but it’s not worth using. You’ll get half experience and no loot when using the alt. This would mean making a really good task half the size and needlessly expensive.
Spiritual creaturesSkip. If you’re low on points or you need dragon boots, kill spiritual mages near the Zamorak boss entrance. You only need to wear a Zamorak item there.
Steel dragons
Skip, unless you have the lance or the fang and you need to build up points. Use the task-only area in the Brimhaven Dungeon. Bring 3–4 prayer potions, 1 super combat potion, and cheese potatoes for the rest. and plenty of food for the dragonfire damage. The Catacombs ones are worse since they have more defence and hitpoints.
SuqahSkip or block, unless low on points.
TrollsSkip. If you’re very low on points, you can do these in the Troll Stronghold basem*nt where you start the Troll Romance quest. For NMZ afking, use hard customizable rumble and select Dad, Arrg, Ice Troll King, Trapped Soul, and Me.
TurothsOnly assigned by Konar. Skip.
~100k (barrage)
~60k (chally)
If you have two alts with fire capes and good tank gear, consider doing these. Otherwise, do not unlock. Fight Caves and Inferno tasks are not worth doing for general slayer training.
WaterfiendsSkip. If you’re somehow out of points and can’t skip these, use your best crush weapon with magic defence gear and camp Protect from Missiles.
Use the task-only area. Use Protect from Magic, with high defence you can sustain with the bass drops. If using offering spells, leave ~5–6 inventory spaces open for bones and alchables. When you get a superior, step away from its melee distance after every attack so it can only attack with magic. If you don’t have offering spells, skip or block these unless low on points. The bonecrusher is good there should you do them without offering spells.

Consult this list when you want to keep the gains going while doing other things, or if you simply prefer heavy reclining. The tasks are ranked using these factors:

  • Interaction needed
  • Phone-friendliness
  • Task length, the longer the better
  • Slayer rates and other efficiency-related things

A tier is the juice. B tier is also fine, but not as good for afk. Avoid C tier if you can. D tier means don’t bother.

A tier: Great

Black demons
Bloodvelds (venator bow)
Deviant spectres
Fire giants
Greater demons

B tier: Decent

Abyssal demons: Looting the ashes makes this task borderline C tier, but the prayer experience makes up for it. Can be annoying to do on the phone, so consider using the ash sanctifier if you need better afk.

Ankous: Rather short task.

Bloodvelds (melee): Not aggressive, but they have high hitpoints.

Dark beasts: An unextended task is short. Extended tasks in the Mourner Tunnels are A tier.

Dust devils (venator bow): The northern room in the Catacombs is decent.

Greater Nechryael: Not aggressive and you might get crashed, but they have good alchables and high hitpoints. These aren’t good with the venator bow.

Kalphites: Need antipoisons and they have no notable drops, but otherwise they’re alright.

C tier: Doable

Aberrant spectres: If you’re looking to afk, kill deviant spectres in the Catacombs. Normal spectres are pretty bad for afk.

Black dragons: A task is barely long enough for a bathroom break.

Dust devils (melee): Not aggressive, and they have somewhat low hitpoints in the Smoke Dungeon. Decent alchables, though.

Gargoyles: Often crowded, and they have very short aggro range.

Smoke devils: Lure with a shortbow, stack them up, and kill the stack. Same method as lazy barraging but you use melee instead. Killing the stack takes ~8–10 minutes, during which you can afk.

Steel and iron dragons: Need antifires for afking.

Suqah: The south spot only has 2 spawns.

Trolls: Thrower trolls on Trollheim are afk, but they die fast and have no drops. Setting up NMZ takes a little while but a task lasts for multiple hours.

D tier: Bad

Everything else.

Ground Items: Can be used to highlight items you want to pick up. I recommend setting the ‘Hide under value’ option to 2,000, setting ‘Price Display Mode’ to ‘Off’, and turning on ‘Collapse ground item menu’. Hold down Alt to toggle the highlights in-game. The ‘Deprioritize Menu Hidden Items’ option is very useful.

NPC Aggression Timer: Shows the timer until monsters become unaggressive and the lines where you need to pass to make them aggressive again. Great for afking.

Monster Menu HP: Shows a monster’s hitpoints when you right-click it. This is incredibly useful for barraging, as you can target the highest-HP monster easily.

Entity Hider: The ‘Hide Dead NPCs’ option is useful for barraging, as this will prevent you from targeting dead monsters. The plugin can sometimes be bugged and hide alive NPCs, so you may have to turn the plugin off and on again to fix it.

NPC Indicators: Can be used to highlight the monsters, and to show their spawn timer and location (turn on ‘Show respawn timer’). I personally don’t use this plugin much, but it can be useful.

Idle Notifier: Sends a notification when your character is idle, or your hitpoints or prayer points hit a certain threshold. Very useful for afking. I have my ‘Prayer Threshold’ at 30 so that after drinking 2 prayer potion doses I’m almost at full prayer points.

Menu Entry Swapper: Can be used to change the default left-click and shift-click options. Too many use cases to cover here, one example is setting left-click for nechryael death spawns as ‘Walk here’.

Custom Menu Swaps

The Custom Menu Swaps plugin is basically Menu Entry Swapper but with extra features and customizability. You can toggle custom left-click and shift-click swaps for specific items, and also hide options completely (with some limitations). Incredibly handy plugin, highly recommend using it. Examples below.

buy 50,death rune under Custom Swaps will change the left-click option for death runes to ‘Buy 50’ wherever applicable.

UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (4)

examine,book of*,buy,book of* under Custom Swaps will change the left-click option to ‘Examine’ for items that start with ‘book of’ (such as book of darkness) only when the default left-click option is ‘Buy’. This would prevent you from accidentally buying a book of darkness from Perdu, but wouldn’t change anything when the book is in your inventory for example.

UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (5)

sell*,primordial boots* under Custom Hides will remove any sell option for primordial boots. This is very useful for preventing certain unfortunate mistakes.

UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (6)
UIM High Level Slayer Guide – Ultimate Ironman – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)
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